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With its unique patented design, the mobile blade adjust to irregular road surfaces.

The mobile blade works as well on newly paved roads as old deteriorated roads, since it adjusts to the road.

  • Its design allows for a longer blade life , and a uniform wear, less down time is necessary and you spend less time changing blades.
  • Each section can be replaced individually, meaning more saving.
  • Lastly, less shoes and end blades are necessary.

  • Each of the six sections supports a part of the weight. The friction beeing reduced , it allows for higher truck speed.

    Each section has its own spring that helps to achieve an automatic release when encountering obstacles and reduce vibration.
    It helps saves costs :
  • It is in contact with a greater part of the road and eliminates more snow and ice.
  • 25 % less salt is necessary
  • Allows for higher truck speed.
  • since it leaves less snow and ice on the road, no need for a second pass  : it saves time.

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